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Where is the coolant sensor located on the block of a 3.8L Chevrolet engine?

The Coolent Sensor on my 2002 Chevy Impala can be located as follows:   Look at Radiator Cap. Now shine a Flash light down to the left of the Radiator cap just behind the (MORE)

How do you change the freeze plugs on the back of a Chevrolet engine block?

Separate the engine from the transmission. Removing flywheel or ring gear might be necessary for access. You can usually use a hammer and punch to tip the plug in it's hole an (MORE)

Did Chevrolet make a 350 big block?

No, they did not. The smallest big block Chevy is the 396. They also made a small block and big block 400.
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What is the timing setting for a carbureted big block Chevrolet engine?

  each engine is different but give it to a mechanic and let him set it to somewhere around 32 - 34deg total timing. This will take the vacuum of the engine into play as w (MORE)

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What is the biggest Chevrolet big block?

chevy's is a 454. gm used to make a 455, cadillac used to build one that was 500+ cubic inches. i can't remember the exact size You can purchase a 572 Chev from any GM dealer (MORE)