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What is the chiasma?

When non-sister chromatids from the homologous chromosome break and rejoin they do so at exactly corresponging sites, so that a cross-shaped structure called chiasma.
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Optic chiasma function?

The optic chiasma is in front of the pituitary gland where opticnerve fibers pass to the brain. The function of the optic chiasmais to relay electric signals as they pass from ( Full Answer )
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Function of optic chiasma?

The optic nerves send electrical signals from each eye to meet in the brain at the optic chiasma.. Here, the left visual signal from one eye is combined with the other eye an ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between crossing over and chiasma?

Synapsis is the process in which the genetic material is exchangedbetween two homologous non sister chromatids (the pair ofchromosomes which are same in shape,size but not ide ( Full Answer )
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What is mitotic chiasma?

\n \nchiasma occurs in meiosis. \n. \n. Fascinating that I didn't answer this question but it's attributed to me so I guess I'll add some detail. Chiasma means crossing/int ( Full Answer )