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Why is Chicago called Chicago?

Chicago means, "wild onion" because of the Indians that used to live there many, many years ago when it was still prairie land.
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Why did Chicago grow?

Chicago grew so fast after it was founded in the nineteenth century  because of its strategic location on the Chicago Portage. This is a  water gap that connects the watersh (MORE)

Who are the Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA, and were the third basketball franchise of Chicago, after the Chicago Stags and Chicago Zephyrs. Th (MORE)

What hemisphere is Chicago in?

  Chicago is in the Northern Hemisphere - and it is also in the Western Hemisphere.   Chicago is located in the Western Hemisphere of Earth. The same holds true for th (MORE)

What are the ethnicity of Chicago?

Chicago is an extremely diverse city. There are Chicagoans of Black, Mexican, Chinese, Irish, German, Italian, Swedish, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian (MORE)

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