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What does mends mean?

Do you mean "amends?"--To make apologies for, and correct wrongs.   Similar word, "mend" means to heal, fix, make right.   "I sure hope your broken bone mends quickly." (MORE)
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Is Chico Mendes famous?

Yes he is famous because he tried to stop the deforestation of the rainforest to make room for cattle ranches and he refused to let his rubber trees be cut down that he was ta (MORE)

Is Shawn mendes a famous singer?

Yes, Shawn Mendes is a young Canadian singer-songwriter. He is  gaining in popularity and is playing nice-size venues on his latest  tour.
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Who mends shoes?

A cobbler really. There are ones all over the world so any country would really have a shoe fixing shop with a cobbler inside. a cobbler, but it is a lost art nowadays with ma (MORE)
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Where did chico mendes live?

He lived in Brazil. he also lived in the amazon rain forest colony and worked as a rubber tapper.
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