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Can a child be blamed if he is abused by his parents?

The term abuse implies unjustified mistreatment; it would not be accurate to describe as abuse some parental discipline which was actually necessary due to the actions of the (MORE)
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How do you know if a man was abused as a child?

I was abused so I can tell you how it affects me. There is alot of pain, anger, sadness that comes with being abused. I felt suicidal at times, when I was younger. I was addic (MORE)

Why abuse child want to be with abuse person?

The sad truth is that the abusive person is almost always the abused child's parent, guardian, or friend. Often the child get the idea that he or she deserves to be abused and (MORE)

Is it a form of abuse to curse at your child?

  Yes, it is.   It may not seem like it, and while it's not the worse type of abuse out there, it is abuse.   And any abuse is not good.   Cursing, or yelling or (MORE)

Does a child have to be abused?

  No. Absolutely not. If you are a child and are being abused, there is help available for you. I feel for you in your situation, I was also abused as a child and I unders (MORE)

If your child is abused can you sue?

  yes... its called assault... but it depends on who hurts him... im not exactly sure the details but yes you can sue.   yes you can because that is sexuly hurasment a (MORE)

How much child abuse is there in Oklahoma?

As of 2013, a rate of 12.2 children per 1,000 were victims of  abuse/neglect in Oklahoma, a 16.8% increase from 2012. In the early  2000s, Oklahoma was reported to be in the (MORE)
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Was Walt Disney abused as a child?

Yes. His father thought that toys were bad and made him work instead of play. His father would also beat him when he drew pictures.
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Is child labor child abuse?

If it takes place at a hazardous job site- say a srip mine, it is also endangering the welfare of a minor. this is one reason why you don"t see many kids in risky Carnival stu (MORE)