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Was Michael Jackson abused as a child?

Yes, his dad used to beat him with belts and shove him and his brothers up against walls, he wouldn't let his children call him daddy and insist that they call him Joe. Randy (MORE)

What is child abuse?

Child abuse comes in many forms, including sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and neglect. Anytime a child is subjected to physicallly, emotionally, or mentally harmful beha (MORE)

Is child labor a form of child abuse?

Yes, of course. Child labor refers to exploiting children in such a way so as to deprive them of their childhood. It interferes with their ability to acquire any education, it (MORE)

Why abuse child want to be with abuse person?

The sad truth is that the abusive person is almost always the abused child's parent, guardian, or friend. Often the child get the idea that he or she deserves to be abused and (MORE)

Does a child have to be abused?

  No. Absolutely not. If you are a child and are being abused, there is help available for you. I feel for you in your situation, I was also abused as a child and I unders (MORE)
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Why is there child abuse?

There are evil people in this world. Some people won't accept that, but in order to be safe you have to except that there are bad people. So, evil people do evil things.
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Is child labor child abuse?

If it takes place at a hazardous job site- say a srip mine, it is also endangering the welfare of a minor. this is one reason why you don"t see many kids in risky Carnival stu (MORE)