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What child actor as won Oscars?

Three child actors who won the Best Supporting Actress award were Patty Duke (age 16) for "The Miracle Worker" (1962), Tatum O'Neal (age 10) for "Paper Moon", and Anna Paquin (MORE)

What ever happened to the child actor Jay North?

North quit acting and joined the Navy in the late 1970s. In April  1978, North became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter  Day Saints while he was serving aboar (MORE)

Is child actor Loretta Parry still alive?

Yes, child actor Loretta Parry is still alive. She has starred in  Hand in Hand, No Time for Tears and Go to Blazes.
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What actors and actresses appeared in A Child from the South - 1991?

The cast of A Child from the South - 1991 includes: Adula Amade as Young Nadia Deogratias Bazagadi as Leonard Jose Bernardo Simango as Ticket Seller Tontholani Chilemba as Ziv (MORE)