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How does childbirth feel?

It feels like someone is ripping your body from the inside and squeezing their gigantic head through your vaginal opening. feels a ton more worse that it feels li (MORE)

Why is childbirth painful?

you have to push a human being through a little hole.... or in other words u gotta push something the size of a watermelonout of a hole the size of a dime or nickel
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Can you get herpes from childbirth?

You can get herpes by child birth if the mother was infected, and the baby delivered vaginally.
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How does childbirth work?

This is called labour - There are three stages of labour. First stage - You will have contractions which can be minutes apart. A plug of mucus is passed from your vagina, thi (MORE)

Contractions in childbirth?

they hurt like hell excuse my language there but that's the only way i can describe it your stomach gets really hard and releases it worse than menstrual cramps and it continu (MORE)

What is a natural childbirth?

Natural birth is considered to be birth by the vaginal canal, rather than cesarean section, without the aid of anesthesia.
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Why does childbirth hurt?

The uterus is a very large and powerful muscle needed to push the baby out. Despite TV and movies implying that a woman needs a doctor between her legs telling her to "PUSH!!! (MORE)
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Can childbirth be dangerous?

Yes. obstetric accidents, like automobile mishaps do occur, some with fatal results- I am speaking of childbirth trauma here, not auto accidents- the two could, of course over (MORE)

What types childbirth is there?

there are many, underwater, standing, sitting, in the bed. you can always get epidural and recently i heard of a childbirth that induces orgasms so you dont feel the pain