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Where can one find videos of natural childbirth?

There are many different online sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and babycenter that have videos of natural childbirth. One can also purchase them from sites like Amazon. The l (MORE)

Did Queen Kiya die from childbirth?

  I am not familiar with Queen Kiya but this much is known, the following Female Monarchs did die in childbirth. Queen Jadwiga or Hedwig of Poland, Queen Isabella I of Spa (MORE)
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What is the doctor name of a childbirth specialist?

an Obstetrician is what laymen would call a childbirth specialist. do not confuse with Pediatrician ( doctor for children"s services) or child psychologists such as Salk (Lee) (MORE)
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Do women who die in childbirth go to heaven?

If they are in a State of Grace- reasonable spiritual bill of health normal, certainly. On the other hand, if they are engaged in prostitution or drug abuse- well the devil ge (MORE)