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When does infantile amnesia go away?

  It is suggested that there are alot of factors that contribute (gender, intelligence, experience, development, culture...) to when infantile goes away - however the gene (MORE)

Why does Jason Bourne have an amnesia?

He has amnesia because he was shot. His injuries were pretty bad, and he was left in the water for maybe even a few days. The stress on the body was intense. Amnesia doesn't h (MORE)

What are symptoms of amnesia?

  Impaired ability to learn new information, following the onset of amnesia (anterograde amnesia) * Impaired ability to recall past events and previously familiar inform (MORE)

What is the difference between amnesia and Alzheimers?

Amnesia is when a person forgets many details about their former life (eg. name, people they knew etc.) due to trauma to the head. Alzheimer's is the slow degrading of the bra (MORE)

What is historical amnesia?

Historical amnesia is a term used in the study of history, culture,and sociology, whereby people forget major events or trends,usually negative ones, and only selectively reme (MORE)

How many episodes does amnesia have?

well not sure but i've checked......and it seems that Amnesia have total 12 Episode's ......hope i helped
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What does amnesia mean?

Answer 1:   it means to lose ones memory temporarily or permanently, due to  brain damage or injury.    No, it means to remember, to recollect, not to forget   (MORE)