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How do you get children?

you get children by when you and some boy meet each other they get happy with each other and get out a baby from the girl

If you were children?

If i was children? Whoa! This is a big question for me to answer! And ill tell you why. If you were to ask me, if i was a child that would be a whole lot simpler, but the fact (MORE)

Why do we have children?

we have kids because we want to have people in our community if we didn't have anybody only just 10 people we would need more people to make this community if not it would be (MORE)

What can it do to children?

Divorce, is one of the most horrible things a child can go through, if they are old enough to know what is going on. I know from personal experience, that being dragged from h (MORE)
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How you get children?

Sexual reproduction involving a man and a woman, or adoption. Artificial insemination is another way; sperm and egg are mixed in a tube, and the embryo is put into a woman to (MORE)
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How can you not have children?

You could have a sickness with your needed parts so if you had children it could be dangerous for you or the child. Digadon

What is children?

little furry balls that are native from hell. The word children derives from its singular form - that being child. Child is an old word for hell demon and ren is an old word (MORE)
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What did children do?

Well - that depends on the time and where. In the United states - children used to go outside and play ball - or hide and seek, or kick the can. there were tons of games and p (MORE)

Why you have children?

Because I love kids and always wanted them and all my friends had kids and pretty much only me left since I met my husband late. We tried for many years and went through many (MORE)