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Who illustrated the Harry Potter books?

The original British covers were illustrated by Thomas Taylor(first book), Cliff Wright (second and third books), GilesGreenfield (fourth book), and Jason Cockcroft (last thre (MORE)

Who is the illustrator of The Wizard of Oz book?

William Wallace Denslow [May 5, 1856-May 27, 1915]. He received some training from the National Academy of Desgn and the Cooper Institute in New York City. But he mainly beca (MORE)

Who is the illustrator of the Dr. Seuss books?

  Theodore Seuss Geissel ( Dr. Seuss) did most of his own illustrations, he is, quite correctly considered to be a cartoonist, but not a media one. ( he did not do newspap (MORE)

Who drew the illustrations in Dr. Seuss books?

this question has already been answered but phrased differently so I just copyed and pasted, hope no one minds.   Theodore Seuss Geissel ( Dr. Seuss) did most of his own il (MORE)

Does Judy Blume illustrate her books?

Very few of Judy Blume's books were illustrated. The original release of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing had a few illustrations. Her only fully illustrated book was called Fr (MORE)

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