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Is it possible to draw a four dimensional figure?

Yes, check your average calculus book after you get past differentiation and integration for instructions. (It won't make sense cause as humans we've only got three of them) (MORE)

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How do you draw a human face by pencil?

You will need a clean piece of un-lined sketching paper (any white paper will do if you haven't a sketch pad); two (2) pencils, one HB (regular pencil) very well sharpened and (MORE)

How do figure out amp draw?

  Divide the power rating (in watts) by the voltage (in volts). So if you use a 100 watt light bulb in a typical 110 volt lamp then it will draw 100/110 = .91 amps of curr (MORE)
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When did artists do figure drawing and why?

  The tradition of figure drawing has been with mankind as long as we have been representing our environment in two dimensions. You can find examples on cave walls, and ca (MORE)
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How do you figure out a bows draw weight?

  Here is a table that shows what the average draw weight is for your size:   Body Size   Draw Weight   Small Child 50-70 lbs 10-15 lbs. Small Child 70-100 (MORE)

What is the best figure drawing book?

If we're talking about a book to serve as a companion text to a  life drawing class, I'll have to go with George Bridgman's  "Constructive Anatomy." If you're looking for an (MORE)

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