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Is an online retail store?

Yes, because non store retailing is type of retailing whereby  consumers purchase products without visiting a store. there are  different kinds of non store retailers, amazo (MORE)

What is a store retailer?

  A store retailer is considered the middle man in a sale; therefore, there are other levels of the sale to be considered. The retailer buys from the wholesaler then sells (MORE)

Is family dollar a retail store?

Yes, because a retail store is something that sells stuff that have not been used, such as Walmart. A retail store sells stuff like food, milk, water, and stuff from named bra (MORE)

Difference between store retailing and non store retailing?

One major difference between store and non-store retailing is  location. To do store retailing, it has to have a physical  location, or a "brick and mortar" presence that a (MORE)

What are the duties of a retail store manager?

Answer   Retail store manager hire, fire, train, developes staff, motivates, insure the store makes its sales figures,makes sure all directives are completed in a timely (MORE)

Is a retail store the same as an outlet store?

To the buyer, yes. In theory the outlet store does not have a distributer between the factory and the store, and thus should be able to sell cheaper.     A retail st (MORE)

What are the different types of retail stores?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) includes  many retail store types. Most are in the list below. See the  website in related links for the definition (MORE)
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How many stores does the retailer Michaels have?

Michaels, which was founded in 1976, has had about 35 years to grow and expand. In that 35 years, Michaels has opened up more than 1,000 locations and will be hit the 1100th l (MORE)