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What are sightlines in a retail store?

In a retail store the sight lines allow employees to see areas of  the store better. They make it easy for customers to see products.  A sight line is a long view of the sto (MORE)

How do Jordan shoes get to retail stores from where they are made?

They are made in China. From China after all production runs are  made they are taken to a distribution center In the United States,  where they are taken to all the Footloc (MORE)
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What retail stores sells Vans shoes?

Retail stores in the US that sell Vans shoes include J.C. Penney, Kohl's, Nordstorm, Footlocker and Zumiez. Nearby (including Worldwide) locations can be found by visiting Va (MORE)

Which retail stores pay the most?

Hobby Lobby starts off at 10 an hour for their 40hr position only. Also, I used to work for Dillards in Florida at the fragrance counter and made 9.75 and hour and was later (MORE)

Define store based retailers?

there are two types of retailers 1. store based: these are the retailers whose stores are having physical existence. e.g : super market, hyper market, ware house clubs, conven (MORE)

What retail store offers the best mattresses?

Most of the best mattress brands are sold at a number of stores. Local mattress stores often have the best selection of brand names while department stores will also have a g (MORE)

Is a retail store the same as an outlet store?

To the buyer, yes. In theory the outlet store does not have a distributer between the factory and the store, and thus should be able to sell cheaper.     A retail st (MORE)