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How do chillers work?

There are two basic cycles of Airconditioning/Refrigeration. 1. Vapour compression cycle,. 2. Vapour Absorption Cycle. Vapour compression cycle is used in most of the airco ( Full Answer )
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What is the advantages of absorption chiller compared with electric chiller?

· Cost effective and more economical than electrical chillers. Use heat for compression while vapour compression chillers use mechanical compressor for compression purposes ( Full Answer )
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How chiller works?

In air conditioning units a chiller works by passing the coolant through coils that rapidly cool the down. The coils have air forced around them and the cool aire given off th ( Full Answer )
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What does a restaurant chiller do?

They are not called restaurant chillers they are called blast chillers and they are gaining wider acceptance in food-service as food safety becomes an ingrained industry pract ( Full Answer )
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Is nobby a chiller?

Well, it is quite simple math if you judge the veloicty of his lies the wind to gravity ratio, it is quite easy to see the chiller inside of him... I have compiled a formula ( Full Answer )
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What is the economic advantages of absorption chiller compared with electric chiller?

It depends. The absorption chiller uses primarily heat to drive its cycle. The electric chiller uses a vapor compression cycle that generally uses an electric motor as the dri ( Full Answer )
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What kind of services can be found at Chiller Hire and Chiller Rental?

Chiller Hire and Chiller Rental involves the rental of ice for the summer season when the request for the substance is at myriad proportions because of the hot weather. The C ( Full Answer )