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Where can you request and research recipes for things such as chimichanga meat or prawns?

Answer . CHIMICHANGAS (Fried Beef-Filled Flour\nTortillas) \n. \n2 lbs. beef stew meat\n1 1/2 c. water\n2 cloves garlic, minced\n2 tbsp. chili powder\n1 tbsp. vinegar\n (MORE)

How do you pronounce chimichanga?

Chi (as in cheese) mi (as in me, first person singular pronoun) chan (as in UK pronounciation of chance) ga (sounds like in gap)   chee-me-chan-ga
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Who invented chimichangas?

Jesus invented chimichangas in the 19th century during the Pelopenisian War in Athens.   Everyone knows john mcain invented chimichangas during the depression! And is going (MORE)

What is the main ingrediant in a chimichanga?

A flour tortilla is required. The filling depends on what kind of chimmy you want. If it's a pork meat, the meat or carnitas is usually the main ingredient, followed with be (MORE)

How do you use chimichanga in a sentence?

A chimichanga is just a deep-fried burrito. The chimichanga I ate yesterday kept me awake all night.
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What is a deep fried chimichanga?

A chimichanga is a filled and fried flour tortilla. The fillings can vary but for example if you put seasoned ground meat like taco filling in the middle of a flour tortilla a (MORE)

When was the chimichanga invented?

There is an unanswered debate about the actual origin of the chimichanga. Some theories claim it was invented by accident (dropped a pastry into the deep fryer) in 1922, where (MORE)

Do chimichangas give you super powers?

yes i believe that chimigangas do give you super powers for many reasons. The main reason chimchangas gives you super powers is that jelly beans really taste delightful and yu (MORE)
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What ingredients are in a chimichangas?

The ingredients that are in the Chimichangas recipe are: garlic, chilli flakes, chicken breast, peppers, French beans, tortilla wraps, paprika, vegetable oil and olive oil.
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