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Where is mt chimney?

I predict you were not looking for Mount Chimney but Chimney Mountain. You should click on the link below to verify that.
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How do you construct a chimney?

because the smoke make at the time of cooking this smoke have many oil moisture so this moiture do not put othe othet thing in the kitchens so the designer use the chimney ath (MORE)

What did chimney sweepers do?

The burning of coal on a open fire, which is what many people had for a heating system for many years, makes soot deposit on the inside of the chimney. If this soot is allowed (MORE)

Why is a chimney called a chimney?

Chimney use to remove the flue gases and smoke from the buildingand from the boiler, furnace, fireplace, stove to outsideatmosphere. Chimney construct as much as possible in t (MORE)
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What is a smoke chimney?

A vertical duct through which smoke rises under convection effects, to be dispersed in the atmosphere
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What is a chimney in climbing?

Think about it as the shape of a chimney on a house. To "Chimney" one must climb between opposing rock faces, with the back and hands against one face, and the feet against th (MORE)

Who repair chimney?

a brick mason can repair your chimney,but not all brick Masons have exp. repairing chimneys
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How do you clean a chimney and when?

If you regularly burn wood or coal your chimney will need cleaning more often than if you are burning wood briquettes which produce less smoke and ash. Generally it is recomme (MORE)