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What are Chimney-sweeper's?

Chimney sweepers are mainly in charge of cleaning chimneys. They were most popular in the Industrial Revolution, and were treated poorly. Many chimney sweepers were children , (MORE)

What is function of chimney tray?

The basic reason for having a chimney tray is to segregate two (2) different Unit Operations within the same piece of equipment - usually a pressure vessel. This technique is (MORE)

When were chimneys invented?

Chimneys were invented during the 12th century in Northern Europe, though we do not know who invented them, or precisely where. The oldest known example of a chimney dates fro (MORE)

Do you need chimney liner for inside chimney?

All chimneys need some sort of liner. Most have clay tiles or factory built metal flues. If a chimney does not have a liner, gases, smoke, heat or flames may be able to leak t (MORE)

What is a solar chimney?

  a solar chimney is a black painted chimney that attatches to the side of a biulding, it must be taller than the building though. when the sun heats the chimney, the hot (MORE)