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How can you get a China passport to be a China citizen?

Chinese nationality law operates mainly on the basis of jus sanguinis ("right of blood"). You must also remember than China does not permit dual citizenship. In general, whe (MORE)

How many nations does China have in China?

56 nationalities. In fact , China is a multinational country,it has 56 nationalities.According to the fifth national census in 2000, 18 ethnic minorities have a population o (MORE)

Did fine China originate in China?

The short answer is yes. The Chinese made vases and similar products from fine clay which they exported to Europe. The English discovered the same type of clay in Britain. The (MORE)

Why is the nation China called China?

The first recorded use of the word "China" is dated 1555. It is derived from Cin, a name for China popularized by Marco Polo. This word was derived via Persian from Sanskrit C (MORE)

Where is China?

It is in Asia south of Mongolia and is west of the United States of America. China is a huge country in Asia with a large east coast seaboard on the Pacific ocean. Eastern (MORE)

Why are China dishes called China?

Dishes were made in China of a special clay found in the country. It is called Kaolin and it is the clay that porcelain is made out of. Porcelain is one of the most fragile of (MORE)

How is China?

With all the recalls and contaminants, I would not give my family China-made food except gourmet stuff they make for themselves. And it kills me to say it, as I LOVE Cantonese (MORE)

Are China and Communist China the same?

Politically, YES. Technically and practically, NO.    China and Communist China refer to the modern state of China, and  China is still recognized by both its own lead (MORE)

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