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What does no audio input in a computer mean?

"No audio input" on a computer means whatever medium is being  employed to play music on your PC is either not connected  correctly, or your sound card might be faulty or no (MORE)

What is the input of the computer system?

"Input Devices" are computer peripherals (devices that connect to the computer) which provide an input to the computer system itself. Here are some example input devices for (MORE)

In computer what is Input?

  Answer     The "Input" term used in computer refers to one of the three major computer items: Input, Processor, and Output. Some of the "Input" items are Keybo (MORE)

What are examples of input computer devices?

Input computer devices are such as mouse,keyboard,joystick,gamepad,etc.They are basically used to provide commands to the computer so that they can work since it cannot work b (MORE)

What are the input devices in the computer system?

The input devices ara 1.keyboard 2.mouse 3.scanner 4.track ball etc A keyboard and mouse are probably the most widely used input devices. Depending on your relationshi (MORE)

What are the input parts of the computer?

Anything that's not an "output part"...? Basically, anything that sends data into a computer. Typically, the mouse, and keyboard are just input, while things like your hard dr (MORE)