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What is the input of the computer system?

"Input Devices" are computer peripherals (devices that connect to the computer) which provide an input to the computer system itself. Here are some example input devices for (MORE)

In computer what is Input?

  Answer     The "Input" term used in computer refers to one of the three major computer items: Input, Processor, and Output. Some of the "Input" items are Keybo (MORE)

What are some input devices of a computer?

  Some Input Devices:   1.Keyboard 2.Scanner 3.Bar code readers 4.Microphones 5.Mouse 6.Joy stick 7.Graphic Tablet 8.Light Pen 9.Magnetic Ink Character R (MORE)

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What is the primary input device of a computer?

This would depend on what type of computer you are discussing... - For a personal computer (Desktop) or a Laptop this would be a keyboard followed closely by a mouse or touc (MORE)

Is the mouse in a computer input?

  Answer   Yes, a computer mouse goes into the back of the tower, usually in the green lil hole. However, they do make usb mice (which fit into the small black recta (MORE)

What is input in computer function?

Input is a command you put in to the computer to receive a specific output in return. For example, you click the mouse to command the computer to open internet. The output you (MORE)