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Is Chinese and Japanese language the same?

Not at all. The only similarity is that Japanese borrowed the Chinese characters, called Kanji. Those are the complicated looking ones. Hiragana and Katakana are derived from (MORE)

What are all the chinese languages?

Including Mandarin and English, there are a total of 296 languages spoken in mainland China, including some that have no monolingual speakers: 1. Achang 2. Ache 3. Ai-Ch (MORE)

Chinese language and Japanese is the same?

No, they are drastically different. Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language, while Japanese is either classified as Altaic or isolate. Japanese, however, did import their writing s (MORE)

Is the Mongolian language related to Chinese language?

No, it isn't. Chinese and Mongolian are so different, first is the writing( As i am a Chinese person, I think Mongolian is very intricacy than Chinese, sometimes maybe it is j (MORE)

How is the Chinese language different from the English language?

It differs in many ways. Here are a few. One: Traditional Chinese uses completely different written characters. Two: Chinese spoken language makes use of different intonations (MORE)

Filipino language influenced by Chinese language?

in language, about 1500 words in Tagalog vocabulary came from Chinese. some examples of these Chinese words are, ate (elder sister), bakya (wooden shoes), bantay (guard), buwi (MORE)

How is mandarin Chinese language spoken?

That is a big question to ask, but one basic thing is that instead of like say English language, in Chinese people speak using tones. There are four tones in Mandarin Chinese (MORE)

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