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What are the martial arts?

Martial arts is a term that includes all methods of conducting war or going to battle. Today it has come to be used to mean the art of self defense like karate, jujitsu, taiju (MORE)
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Who invented the Chinese martial art of wushu and why?

Wushu is the sport associated with kung fu. It was created buy a  committee to provide a consistent set of rules that could be used  in competition.
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Why do more people study Japanese martial arts than Chinese martial arts?

I'm assuming you must live in the western hemisphere. The reasons that such a large percentage of the west favors Japanese martial arts are several. One is because most of the (MORE)

Why do the Chinese do martial arts?

Mainly for self-defense and exercise purposes, as well as a form of competition and endurance conditioning. Also, it might interest you to know that the Chinese are not the on (MORE)
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Which is a martial art?

Martial art is the practice of disciplines used in combat. While most people relate the term to the Asian techniques such as kung fu, karate and kendo, it also includes the us (MORE)

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How long has Chinese martial arts been around?

Four thousand years; although Kung Fu was not invented until the 500's A.D., prior to the invention of Kung Fu, China had its own indigenous sword, spear, and wrestling arts. (MORE)