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Is the Mongolian language related to Chinese language?

No, it isn't. Chinese and Mongolian are so different, first is the writing( As i am a Chinese person, I think Mongolian is very intricacy than Chinese, sometimes maybe it is j (MORE)

What was the Chinese language written in?

There's considerable debate about this; the earliest Old Chinese inscriptions found date to around 1200 BC. Some linguists believe Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family o (MORE)

How is the Chinese language different from the English language?

It differs in many ways. Here are a few. One: Traditional Chinese uses completely different written characters. Two: Chinese spoken language makes use of different intonations (MORE)

What are three facts about Chinese spoken language and Chinese written language?

Chinese written language is the oldest known recorded language It was written on old bones and turtle shells The current written language developed from pictographs Ther (MORE)

Filipino language influenced by Chinese language?

in language, about 1500 words in Tagalog vocabulary came from Chinese. some examples of these Chinese words are, ate (elder sister), bakya (wooden shoes), bantay (guard), buwi (MORE)

What was the great advantages of the chinese written language?

Chinese characters keep the culture or heritage of China in its language. I believe this is important because as we all know that language evolves constantly. As language evol (MORE)

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