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Why is Chinese language hard to learn?

While learning any new language is language is hard it has been  said that Chinese is the hardest to learn. That is due to the  memorization of characters for the written Ch (MORE)

Who translated the Bible into Chinese language?

The first Chinese Bible to be published was started by a Franciscan friar named Gabriele Allegra, who began translating the Old Testament from the original Hebrew and Aramaic (MORE)

Why is written Chinese one of the most difficult languages to learn?

Written Chinese was developed for the high-class Chinese, which meant it was more fancy and complex. Languages like Korean were developed for the lower-class servants, but Chi (MORE)

How is the Chinese language different from the English language?

It differs in many ways. Here are a few. One: Traditional Chinese uses completely different written characters. Two: Chinese spoken language makes use of different intonations (MORE)

Filipino language influenced by Chinese language?

in language, about 1500 words in Tagalog vocabulary came from Chinese. some examples of these Chinese words are, ate (elder sister), bakya (wooden shoes), bantay (guard), buwi (MORE)

What was the great advantages of the chinese written language?

Chinese characters keep the culture or heritage of China in its language. I believe this is important because as we all know that language evolves constantly. As language evol (MORE)