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What is sodium chloride?

Community Answer 1 Sodium chloride is a compound made from Sodium and Chlorine.(NaCl) Sodium chloride is our every day basic table salt. In other words, sodium chloride is sa (MORE)

Is chloride polar?

Depends. If you mean Chlorine, which goes around as Cl2, then no because electron cloud density is evenly shared in the covalent bond as they are both equally as electronegati (MORE)

How do separate the chloride from sodium chloride?

First melt salt (sodium chloride). Then you must run a strong  current through it. This will separate sodium chloride into sodium  (a metal) and chlorine (a gas). Be careful (MORE)

How can you separate potassium chloride and ammonium chloride?

A mixture of ammonium chloride and potassium chloride can be separated using the process of sublimation. You must also note that both these substances are sublimable. So, the (MORE)

What is chloride anomaly?

In reference to Electrolysis, the chloride anomaly is the tendency for chloride ions to react with the water molecules in an electrolytic cell which defies the common trend of (MORE)