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What is chlorine?

Chlorine is the chemical element with atomic number 17, atomic weight 35.453 and symbol Cl. It is a natural element, a yellow green gas at a room temperature. It is heavier (MORE)
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When do you chlorinate?

Drinking water is chlorinated to avert the risk of harmful micro organisms causing ilness in the public through drinking water. It is also used to keep swimming pools safe.
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What does chlorine do?

Free chlorine gas combines with other elements and compounds to kill living cells. That's why it is used as an anti-bacterial agent for surfaces and swimming pools. It was one (MORE)
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What is in chlorine?

Chlorine= Cl 2 idk exactly what that formula means but thts the chemical make-up for it. it has the atomic number 17 and is in halogen group on the periodic table if that he (MORE)
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Who is chlorine?

Chlorine is not a who it is a 'what'. Cholorine is a chemical put in water to purify it and keep it clean.
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What can chlorine do to you?

Chlorine gas is poisonous for humans. It can restrict the movement of the diaphragm in the thoracic cavity which can keep us from breathing. Chlorine combine with sodium metal (MORE)
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What does chlorine have in it?

chlorine, since its an element. i suppose if you want to go deep enough it has protons electrons, neutrons, quarks, and all sorts of other sub atomic particles. If your talki (MORE)
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Where can you get chlorine?

Please be very carefull and don't try at home: Chlorine (gaseous) is very TOXIC to all living material!! [ It was the World War One military war gas causing 100,000's d (MORE)
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What are chlorine?

Chlorine is a member of the Halogen group of elements. Under standard conditions of temperature and pressure Chlorine is a highly reactive yellowish green gas. It is a di-ato (MORE)
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Were can you get chlorine?

i not for sure where you can get gas chlorine, but if you want the kind of chlorine that goes into your pool and cleans to, just go to your local pool store and I'm sure that (MORE)