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What are chloroplasts and what do they do?

Plants need lots of light to stay healthy. The reason for this is that there are millions of cells coating the leaves and stems, which need a certain amount of light to stay a (MORE)

What are chloroplasts?

Organelles found mostly in plants cells (and some protists) which help convert solar energy into chemical energy. They are composed of an aqueous fluid known as stroma, thyl (MORE)

What is in chloroplasts?

magtanong nalang kayo sa mga matatalinong bobo sa cabiao na sila: mary anne moral at tricia parungao.. ang mga katanungan niyo ay masusulusyunan hahahahaha! (MORE)

What is does the Chloroplast do?

The chloroplasts in plant cells capture energy from the sun andstore it in ATP and NADPH molecules. They use the ATP and NADPHmolecules to create organic molecules from carbon (MORE)

A chloroplast is what?

a plastid (I don't know what that is) that contains chlorophyll (a group of pigments [don't ask where I got that from]) that makes food by turning the sunlight into energy. th (MORE)

What is a chloroplast do?

Chloroplasts capture's energy from the sun. Although I'm not sure it was in my answer choices and that looked like the perfect answer believe me I'm in high-sch (MORE)

What the chloroplast?

Chloroplast are disk-shaped organelles, 4 to 6 micrometers in diameter, where photosynthesis takes place in the cells of plants and algae.

What are chloroplasts are for?

chloroplast are store the chlorophlly the is a green substance that makes the plant turn green. Apart from that here are the major functions of the chloroplast : (1) Abso (MORE)