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What is a chloroplast?

Chloroplast is an organelle found in plants and algae cells wherephotosynthesis occurs. The chloroplast contains chlorophyll which is the light sensitivepigment that powers p (MORE)
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What is a chloroplasts?

organelle found in cells of plants & some other organism that captures the energy form sunlight & converts it into chemical energy

What is a chloroplast and what do they do?

The chloroplast is found in the plant and is key to photosynthesis. The chloroplast take in H20, CO2, and sunlight and give of Glucose (C6H12O6) and O2. It runs on two cycles (MORE)

What does chloroplasts have?

Chloroplast are green plastids. They contains chlorophyll and carotenoids. Lamellae are present in them. They are sites of photosynthesis.
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What is is chloroplast?

An elongated or disc-shaped organelle containing chlorophyll. Photosynthesis (in which energy from sunlight is converted into chemical energy-food) takes place in the chloropl (MORE)

What is the chloroplast do?

Chloroplasts contain Chlorophyll, which is the green pigment in plants that uses energy from the sunlight to turn Carbon Dioxide and Water into Glucose and Oxygen.
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What is the Chloroplast for?

They involve in photosynthesis.It generates sugar through it.Main function is it.It also produce proteins and involve in photorespiration
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What does chloroplast does?

Chloroplasts are plastid organelles found in plant cells for performing photosynthesis process. They have a green pigment called chlorophyll that allows plants to absorb energ (MORE)