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Where are the choctaw from?

The Choctaw people live in Mississippi-Southeastern U.S.A and also in Oklahoma. There are smaller groups located through out the U.S.. Historically the Choctaws believe they (MORE)
In Canada

What is the Choctaw climate?

The Choctaw climate is subtropical and therefore has lots ofprecipitation. Summers are warm to hot. Cold temperatures are shortlived and snow is rare.

What did the choctaw speak?

The Choctaw speak a Muskhogean language. The traditional name of the Choctaw is Chahta, which is from the name of their leader that lead them to Mississippi from the west. Anu (MORE)

What do the choctaw eat?

Early and modern Choctaw Indians consumed agricultural productsthey grew which included corn (maize), beans, sweet potatoes,sunflower seeds, cabbage and leeks.