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What is a Faustian Choice?

A Faustian Choice is, in fact, no choice at all. For example, if I am at the top of a cliff and being pursued by spear-wielding natives, do I jump off one side of the cliff or (MORE)

What is a fielder's choice?

  Official Baseball Rules section 2.00 Definition of Terms: A fielders choice is the act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to (MORE)

What is Scarcity and Choice?

scarcity is a situation when demand for a good exceeds its supply even at a zero price and choice is a consequence of scarcity. choice emerges when limited resources are to be (MORE)

Was Richard Nixon pro choice?

  Nixon was quietly pro-choice. He avoided addressing the question during his Presidency because he didn't have to. In the 1972 campaign, the Republicans called McGovern t (MORE)

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What happened to the daughter in Sophie's Choice?

The daughter was sent to a gas chamber (killed) That is why the mother killed herself in the end.
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What is freedom of choice?

Freedom of choice is :that you can make the decision to do whatever you want. even if it is a bad decision you may be punished for it but you still had the freedom to make tha (MORE)

Is happiness a choice?

Sometimes It depends on the situation. If someone is just really ruining your mood, you can't help it, you get mad or sad. If someone is telling you a joke that you don't thin (MORE)

Why bdo is you choice?

BDO   is a valuable resource for the demanding and ambitious client who needs   professional, flexible support for their principal line of work. One of the   things t (MORE)