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What is the US Marine's weapon of choice?

All Marines are taught in recruit training, "Every Marine is a Rifleman!" The weapon we are taught to fire in recruit training is an M16-A2. We're taught stock weld, eye relie (MORE)
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What is a Faustian Choice?

A Faustian Choice is, in fact, no choice at all. For example, if I am at the top of a cliff and being pursued by spear-wielding natives, do I jump off one side of the cliff or (MORE)

What does fielders choice mean?

  The fielder who caught the ball had the option to either get the batter running to first or another runner. Example: With a runner of first the batter hits the ball to t (MORE)

What is a fielder's choice?

Official Baseball Rules section 2.00 Definition of Terms: A fielders choice is the act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to put o (MORE)

What is Scarcity and Choice?

scarcity is a situation when demand for a good exceeds its supply even at a zero price and choice is a consequence of scarcity. choice emerges when limited resources are to be (MORE)

Was Richard Nixon pro choice?

  Nixon was quietly pro-choice. He avoided addressing the question during his Presidency because he didn't have to. In the 1972 campaign, the Republicans called McGovern t (MORE)

What is freedom of choice?

Freedom of choice is :that you can make the decision to do whatever you want. even if it is a bad decision you may be punished for it but you still had the freedom to make tha (MORE)

Did Jesus have a choice?

yeah he chose to die on the cross, Jesus walked up to a guard and asked if they could pretend they hated him so it would look real to the civilians, then asked them to nail hi (MORE)