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What is a speach choir?

a speech choir is a way of reciting a said piece within a group. The members included in the speech choir are required to change their voice depending on the role they portray (MORE)

What is choir about?

Choir is people singing together. the general meaning of choir is doing things together, so generally they rehearse and warm up either as a whole or in their parts.

How do you start a choir?

well, you could gather some friends and try out :) audition your friends, and try to gather as many members as possible. or maybe get someone you know who is from a choir to j (MORE)
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Why choirs sing?

Why do soccer plays run? Singing is what makes a choir. You cant have a choir if no one sings. Just like you cant have a soccer team if no one runs.
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What is an accompaniment for choirs?

It depends on what you mean. Are you asking what an accompaniment IS, or are you asking what kind of accompaniment choirs usually have? Accompaniment is the music that is p (MORE)