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What is an accompaniment for choirs?

It depends on what you mean. Are you asking what an accompaniment IS, or are you asking what kind of accompaniment choirs usually have? Accompaniment is the music that is pl (MORE)

What does a director of the choir do?

A director of a choir does exactly what his name says he does, he directs. He or she is the one who gives the singers the tempo of the music/song that they are singing. Withou (MORE)

What is a mass choir?

A mass choir is generally made up of several smaller choirs, performing together for a special occasion.
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What is a name for a choir?

My choir is named Bel Canto, which means beautiful singing. there is also ambassador chorale, concert choir... theyre are any variety of names just use your imagination.

What is choir about?

Choir is people singing together. the general meaning of choir is doing things together, so generally they rehearse and warm up either as a whole or in their parts.
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Who is the head of the choir?

Large choirs have a conductor or choirmaster, while small vocal ensembles may actually take cues from each other.
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What does choir mean?

  Choir, a group of four or more people singing or playing multiple songs at a performance.   Ex.   Concert Choir   Show Choir   Women's Choir   Men's Choir (MORE)