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How do you choose a hospital?

When it comes to choosing a hospital, many of the people areconfuse how to choose a hospital. Hospitalkhoj tell how to chooseyour hospital. First we have to see doctors, the f (MORE)

Choose or chose?

Both are words and often confused.Choose is a verb and it means to select from a variety of possibilities. He couldn't choose which bouquet to buy.Chose is also a verb and it (MORE)
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Is choose a preposition?

No, the word "choose" is a verb. A preposition is a word describes the location of the noun or pronoun, for example: The boat glided across the water. Some say it's easy to s (MORE)

Do you choose to be anorexic?

some say its a lifestyle choice, but if you REALLY are anorexic, it isn't a choice, its a mental state that you are cursed with until you get medical help.
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Who chooses the dictator?

Usually, in any dictatorship or totalitarian government there is no "choice." The leaders of a particular party or faction of the previous government overthrows, assassinates, (MORE)

Why choose biotechnology?

A person passed 10+2 with phy.,chem.,biology OR agriculture,can choose Biotechnology. Biotechnology is a life science course related to the genetic matters DNA & RNA and als (MORE)

How do you Choose a Pen?

When choosing a pen there are several things that I consider, so here is my definitive list of how to choose a pen that is right for you. 1) What am I using it for? If you (MORE)

How do you choose an fpga?

It depends on what you need. Basically there are two main parameters: 1. no of IOs 2. complexity of logic you want to synthesize there are other considerations of speed, (MORE)
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Is choosing a noun?

Yes, the word choosing is a verbal noun called a gerund , thepresent participle of a verb (the -ing word). The presentparticiple of a verb also functions as an adjective. Ex (MORE)

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