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Can you copyright a song in public domain?

No, but a new work based on a PD song can be protected by copyright. A new translation, setting, arrangement, etc may be copyrightable. A common example would be the tradition (MORE)

Is morning has broken public domain?

"Morning Has Broken" was published as a Christian hymn in 1931 and has entered public domain. The arrangement by Cat Stevens and Rick Wakeman in 1972 has not.
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What is public domain?

In terms of intellectual property "public domain" refers to items that have no restrictions of use due to expiration of legal controls (patents, trademarks, copyright)
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Are patent drawings public domain?

No, they're not "public domain" until the copyright of the author expires. Just because they were sent to the patent office and issued as a patent does not changed the copyrig (MORE)

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Is Big Iron public domain?

The 1959 Marty Robbins song "Big Iron" will not enter the public domain until 2054 at the earliest; particular recordings of it may be protected even longer.
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Is Godzilla public domain?

No; the films are protected by copyright, and the name and character are registered trademarks.
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