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What is a V4 chord?

V4 (or Vsus4) is a triad built of the fifth degree of the scale, with a raised third. In the key of C, it would contain the notes (G,C,D) with G as the root. It is a very (MORE)
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What is Flute chord?

There are no chords on a flute. It's impossible to play chords on only one flute. A chord is a group of notes, but flutes can only play o e note at a time. Some instruments li (MORE)

What is a Neapolitan chord?

This phrase most often refers to the Neapolitan 6th chord (also written as N6), although the term is derived from its main use in the Neapolitan School. This is a major triad (MORE)

What are the chords of for Who You Are by Hillsong?

Key: B Intro: B E B E Verse: B Standing here in Your presence E thinking of the good things You have done B waiting here patiently E just to hear Your still small voice ag (MORE)
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What are chords?

A chord is formed when multiple pitches (notes on a musical instrument) are placed together on a staff (a sheet of music). Chords come in a lot of different varieties, includi (MORE)

Are violin chords the same as guitar chords?

put simply. no. at least not the way you finger them on the neck. but the composition of chords musically speaking, yes. The notes that compose a chord, in terms of key, etc. (MORE)

What a Hendrix chord?

  The Hendrix chord typically refers to a Dominant 7th sharp 9 (or 7#9) chord which is simply an extension of a Dominant 7th chord (R,3,5,b7) with an added #9

Is there an A chord in guitar?

yes. 1st finger = 1st fret 3rd string, 2nd finger = 2nd fret 4th string, 3rd finger = 2nd fret 5th string. All other strings are played open. correction: the chord described (MORE)

What is a Dm chord?

It is a D minor chord, composed of the notes D (root), F (minor third) and A (perfect fifth). It is very often played with the minor seventh, C. In this case it would be writt (MORE)