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What is Chordata?

Chordata is the phylum of animals that have a number of features incommon, but most notably a notochord (which is called a spinal cordin humans because we have a backbone, a s ( Full Answer )
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How does chordata eat?

chordata eat through ingestion[closest to humans]. unlike other phylum that may use absorbstion. hope it helps
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What are examples of Chordata?

All animals which have a spine, or backbone, are classified in thephylum Chordata. There are three subphylums in Chordata: the firsttwo are invertebrates - Urochordata (tunica ( Full Answer )
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What is the phylum chordata?

The phylum Chordata is a taxonomic group. All animals which have aspine, or backbone, are classified in the phylum Chordata. Thereare three subphylums in Chordata: Urochordata ( Full Answer )
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Where do chordata live?

To summarize: Everywhere. From wikipedia: " Chordata, are deuterostome animals possessing a notochord, a hollow dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, an endostyle, and ( Full Answer )
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What is the chordata in your body?

There is no chordata in the body. Chordata refers to a group of animals, including the vertibrates.
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Do butterflies have chordatas?

Chordata is not something you "have." It is a way if classifying an animal. "Chordata" is a phylum in which vertebraes, urochodatas, and cephalochordates are put under (how th ( Full Answer )
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Is chordata a phylum?

Yes. the phylum chordata is composed of animals with spinal cords, of which the sub-phylum vertebrata (vertebrates) are animals with backbones.
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Does chordata have a coelom?

Some chordates have them, and in some the distinction may need tobe qualified. In molluscs they remain undifferentiated, in mammalsfor example they differentiate into separate ( Full Answer )
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What is the habitat of a chordata?

Chordata is the phylum that all animals with a backbone and spinal chord belong to. Animals belonging to phylum chordata live in almost every habitat imaginable.