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What is a chordate?

A Chordate is a animal with a notochord. They do not need to have spines- they just need to have a spinal cord. Fish, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, and Amphibians are all members (MORE)
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What is chordates?

An chordate has an inner skeleton with a backbone. It generally has four appendages that are in the forms of legs, arms, wings or fins.
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What is chordate?

Chordates are animals in the phylum chordata. These animals have a notochord some point in their lives (in us and other mammals, this notochord is changed into the disks betwe (MORE)
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What is a chordates?

Chordate is a phylum of the animal kingdom. Chordates have a hollow CNS, post anal tail, gills as embryos, and a closed circulatory system. Humans belong to the phylum Chordat (MORE)
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Is ant chordate or non-chordate?

Ants and all other insects are non-chordates. Insects belong to thesubphylum arthropoda. Animals that are vertebrates are consideredto be chordates.
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Is chordates vertebrates?

Chordates are not vertebrates because although some vertebrates are chordates theres many reasons why chordates arent vertebrates.the first reason is because chordates consist (MORE)
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Why is the platypus a chordate?

A chordate is any animal that has a notochord or spinal chord. Any animal that is a vertebrate, i.e. mammals, birds, fish, reptiles or amphibians, is a chordate, or member o (MORE)