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What is a geographic plexus?

A plexus is a set of interconnecting blood vessels and nerve vessels.    Geographic Plexus is a term used by Lewis Mumford to describe the city as a whole. He sees the (MORE)

What does the choroid of the eye do?

The choroid is a layer of the eye deep to the retina and  superficial to the sclera. It provides oxygen and nutrients to the  retina through its extensive network of capilla (MORE)
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What are choroids?

Choroids are the vascular layer of the eye. It lays between the  retina and the sclera of the eye. The choroid provides oxygen to  the outer layers of the retina.
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What does the choroid of your eye do?

t makes sure that the eye stays in place. That is a horrible answer with no truth to it at all. The choroid is a layer of the eye deep to the retina and superficial to the sc (MORE)

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What is the choroid plexus?

  Answer   Choroid plexus is the tissue in the brain responsible for making cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). There are several areas of the brain that contain choroid plexu (MORE)
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Why is the choroid is black in color?

The Choroid is black because its heavily pigmented because of an excess of melanin. Also, the dark colour of the choroid prevents internal reflection in the eye, so to ensure (MORE)

What is nerve plexus?

A plexus is a branching network of axons outside of the central nervous system. The four primary nerve plexuses are the cervical plexus, brachial plexus, lumbar plexus, and th (MORE)