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In what movies has Chris Farley had a role?

Chris Farley is best known for his staring role in Tommy Boy (1995). He also appeared in Wayne's World (1992), Wayne's World 2 (1993), Black Sheep (1996) and Beverley Hills Ni (MORE)

Does chris farley have any brothers?

He has at least 3 brothers. Kevin Farley was seen in 2Gether and many of Chris' movies. John Farley was recently seen in You Don't Mess with the Zohan and his brother Tom Farl (MORE)

How many movies did Chris Farley appear in?

  he has been in ten movies   he has been in ten movies
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Did chris farley have a girlfriend?

  Chris dated Lorri Bagley on and off for the last couple years of his life. It was off when he died. Before that, he was seriously involved with Erin Maroney, Lorne Micha (MORE)

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Was Chris Farley in Drake and Josh?

  No Chris Farley died before drake and Josh was on, But in "The wedding" his brother Kevin Farley Was officer #1.
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What apt bldg did Chris Farley die in Chicago?

  Chris Farley died on the 16th floor of the John Hancock building. That was where his apartment was.
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