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How does Christ forgive?

Completely. He holds no record of wrongs. This does not mean that the offender gets off Scott free though. Jesus is forgiving, but he is also just. He does not punish us becau (MORE)

What is Christ consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the state of mind where all things are seen and felt to be one. Christ Consciousness is the universal consciousness, the God consciousness, the state o (MORE)

How did Christ get into Christmas?

In the 4th century, just after Christianity became the official religion of the Ancient Roman Empire, Christmas (then called "Feast of the Nativity of the Christchild") was cr (MORE)

What does Christ stand for in Jesus Christ?

Christ means the "Anointed One", similar to Messiah. It is a title, not a last name (Jesus most likely would have been known as Jesus, son of Joseph). It is used uniquely in t (MORE)

What are the 9 characteristics of Christ-like love?

1. A Christ like love is not just an emotion, it is also a decision. 2. A Christ like love desires what is best for the other. 3. A Christ like love understands and accepts th (MORE)

Is it Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ?

The word 'Christ' (from the Greek: 'christos'/Hebrew: 'messiah') is a title and means 'anointed one' (one set aside for a particular purpose), so one could say: 'the anointed (MORE)

What is Christ the beginning of?

If one really thinks about this question then one will find that Christ was the beginning of many things. Let us have a look at some of the answers which can be taken in any o (MORE)

What is the lineage of Christ?

This is Christ's lineage from Adam. Christ's lineage ends with Him since he had no children. Also, this is taken from three different parts of the Bible. I used the New Intern (MORE)

What is the Christ?

"Christ" is the Greek translation of the word "Messiah" in the  Hebrew language (originally meaning the promised deliverer of the  Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bib (MORE)