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How did Emily pankhurst die?

  The years of touring, lectures, imprisonment, and hunger strikes had taken their toll; fatigue and illness became a regular part of Pankhurst's life.   She died of na (MORE)

Why was emmeline pankhurst important?

she was important because she helped women have the right to vote. She helped to pave the way for women fighting for equality all over the world. She went through alot just be (MORE)

What was emmeline pankhurst famous for?

As twenty years she meet the lawyer Richard Pankhurst, he inspired her. He worked with women's liberation and women's right to vote. He was also responsible for that the law w (MORE)

What is emmeline pankhurst childhood?

Emmeline Panhurst had a very tough childhood. Her parents were always campaining for a right to vote for women and at a very early age(12 to be exact) she was sent to Paris to (MORE)

Who Was Emily Pankhurst?

  Emily Goulden was born on 14 July 1858 in Manchester into a family with a tradition of radical politics. In 1879 she married Richard Pankhurst, a lawyer and supporter of (MORE)

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