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How much are christenings?

Unless you are Catholic, most other denomations do dedication, we believe you have to be of accoutable age and above.Which I have heard is 12 and Jewish say 13 that each perso ( Full Answer )
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What is christening?

A christening is the ceremony of baptism within the Christianreligion. A christening is usually accompanied by the giving of aname to a child.
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Why are you you christened?

Parents Christen there child so they will become a child of God.At baptism it also takes away the original sin that all human beings are born with.Christeneing a child will ma ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to be christened to have your child christened?

Officially, a child can only have a Catholic christening if at least one parent is a Catholic, as the priest needs to have a "well-founded hope" that the child will be brought ( Full Answer )
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What do christens believe in?

christens believe in the trinity. God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. not to be mistaken, they believe they are all one person.
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Does it cost to get christened?

The term 'christened' is Protestant. Catholics are baptized. It costs nothing to be baptized. However, it is usual to offer a small stipend to the priest or deacon for his tim ( Full Answer )
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Why do Christians get christened?

A christening is a form of baptism. If one is old enough to understand then one would make covenants with the Lord to keep all of the commandments, to do all in their power to ( Full Answer )
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Was Einstein a christen?

Nup, he was a jew.. That is why he made his way to America when Hitler was in power in Germany and was ruthlessly killing jews..