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Why do people have christenings?

It is a religious naming ceremony within certain faiths and not always obligatory. . --- . Christening often means Infant Baptism, a ritual where the parents take the bab (MORE)

What to wear to a christening?

This question has a rather subjective quality to it, and therefore may be subject to differing opinions on the subject. My answer also presumes the christening is within a Chr (MORE)
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Why was the Titanic not christened?

the White Star Line did not observe the tradition of christeningtheir boats. This meant Titanic was also exempt, unlike the movieportrayal.
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Are Catholics christened?

Christening is a term more common to Protestant religions. Catholics refer to it as baptism.
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What do you celebrate at a christening?

A christening is usually a ceremony where a child is welcomed into the Christian church, where their name is given and Godparents and parents take on the responsibility of bri (MORE)

Why does a baby get christened?

Have special water put on the baby's head. The water comes from a church or cathedral. Then you have a ceremony and all you family comes along and watches a vicar pour water o (MORE)