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How do you pronounce christening?

The proper pronunciation of "christening" is "KRIS-enn-ing", but popular usage slurs the middle syllable and it sounds like "KRIS-ning". (in any case, the T is silent)
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Why do people have christenings?

It is a religious naming ceremony within certain faiths and not always obligatory.   ---   Christening often means Infant Baptism, a ritual where the parents take th (MORE)

Are baptizing and christening the same thing?

It can be the same thing; it depends on your denomination really. Many Christians consider baptising to be different than christening. Christening oftentimes refers to the chr (MORE)

When should a catholic infant be christened?

There is no time line but the sooner the better. Prior to 1960 most infants were baptized withina few weeks or so of birth to ensure their right to heaven should a tragedy occ (MORE)

Can someone not christened be a Catholic Godparent?

No, to be a Godparent at a Catholic baptism one must be a baptized and practicing Catholic. However, you may also have another sponsor in addition to the Catholic Godparent. (MORE)