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Why are you Christians?

Person A says:   I'm a Christian because I was lovingly pursued by God through His Holy Spirit who spoke to my heart/spirit. I realized I was a sinner and needed a Saviour. (MORE)

Why are you a Christian?

I was convinced at an early age that the man Jesus Christ is theSon of God. In my studies and teachings as an adult the evidenceavailable today clearly supports this truth. I (MORE)

Why are you not a Christian?

Opinion   I have learned over time that the church does not follow the bible  I was taught, the one where people are instructed to love their  neighbors before themselve (MORE)

What is Christianity about?

My point of view in a short statement : It's about living in peace , loving our Father with our heart soul and mind and praising Jesus for giving us victory over flesh and the (MORE)

What is a Christian?

ANSWER: A Christian is a follower of Christ. In the original, the  word Christian was coming from Christ and even in English bears a  resemblance. The word not only meant th (MORE)

Are you a Christian?

Yes I am, but this site is not a chat room, it's not for actually asking people questions about themselves. You can talk to people on their message boards. To find a person's (MORE)

Why is there Christianity?

Opinion   Christianity exists because there are many people who attest to and  have experienced the truth of Christ and his message, whether it be  the intellectual, his (MORE)

What is Christianity?

Christian Perspective: Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament as the continuation of the Ol (MORE)