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What do you have to do when you are a Christian?

As a Christian you will have to live a god centered life, so all  can see the difference, and you will have to spread the word of god  to all the people around you.   (MORE)

Why Christians killled Christians?

In North America it was because even though they were looking for freedom, they knew nothing about it. They took with them the same understanding and systems from where they c (MORE)

What do Christians eat at Christian weddings?

At the wedding itself or the reception afterwards? Nothing is usually eaten at the wedding, although some denominations may give the couple communion. At the reception the gu (MORE)

What is Christianity about?

My point of view in a short statement : It's about living in peace , loving our Father with our heart soul and mind and praising Jesus for giving us victory over flesh and the (MORE)

What is Christianity?

Christian Perspective: Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament as the continuation of the Ol (MORE)

Can Christians and non Christians marry?

This is a complicated question. Legally, in the United States,  there is no religious "test" for marriage - any one person of any  faith may choose to marry any other person (MORE)

Why is there Christianity?

Opinion   Christianity exists because there are many people who attest to and  have experienced the truth of Christ and his message, whether it be  the intellectual, his (MORE)

How do you answer why you are a Christian?

Answer    You answer I am a Christian because I have been saved by Jesus  Christ. If you don't know that answer in your heart you may not be  a believer. The bible ma (MORE)

Do you have to be a Christian to get into a Christian college?

no not at all you see christian school's or christian college's  help you to become a christian like i wanted to become a christian  so i went to a christian college called (MORE)

Where did the first Christians become Christians?

Not from the time of Jesus, as many people think. Jesus was a  religious and political leader of the Jewish people and came to  speak to the Jews and surrounded himself with (MORE)