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How should a Christian decide what is wrong or right?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe proximate means for determining right or wrong for a Christian would be a well-formed conscience. The remote cause would be forming that conscience we (MORE)

Which religion is right Islam or Christianity?

A:   Muslims viewEvery one considers the religion that he/she believes in is the right religion. However, it is logic to claim that the simple common base is to believe in (MORE)

Why christians support human right?

It is because Jesus taught the infinite value of every human being. He instructed us: "Love your neighbour as much as yourself," and "your neighbour" includes all the people y (MORE)
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Who are right Muslims or Christians?

we do not want to be rude with any one but every one thinks that they are right but if we focus on both the reality says that in real holy bible is most similar to the QURAN a (MORE)

Is Christian or Catholic right?

I say Bible believing Christians are right. Catholics put the traditions of "the Church" before the Bible. Catholics believe Jesus' death made it possible for people to get t (MORE)

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Is it right for a Christian to donate blood?

No, in the Bible at Acts 15:20 and verse 29 explicitly say abstain from blood. In the bible, blood is considered sacred. In other accounts it is also considered unclean theref (MORE)