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What was Christian the Lion?

Firstly, he was a who not a what.   In 1969 to men called John Rendall and Anthony (Ace) Bourke had recently moved to London from Australia and they were Christmas shopping (MORE)

Is Group 1 Crew a Christian band?

Yes, the band Group 1 Crew is a Christian rap/hip-hop band. A lot of you may say that if it is rap it's trash period. That's not true Christian is great, with amazing up-lif (MORE)

What ever happened to Christian the Lion after the reunion?

The men were on a recent Today show in the USA and said that a year after the reunion in 1973, they went back to see the lion again. His "pride" had lots of cubs and females. (MORE)
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Is Christian the lion still alive?

Sadly, he has almost certainly passed away. Lions in the wild only live 15-18 years, and seeing as it has been over 40 years since his birth, he has likely passed on.
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What can a lion do?

Lions live in prides, hunting in groups, their prey includes widebeast, zebra, gazzelle and antolope. Lionesses do the hunting, and the males guards its territory, and the pri (MORE)

What is a lion?

A lion is a creature which is strong and fierce. It lives in the  Africa plains and hunt tons of different types of antelope. Lions  are common in Zoos all over the U.S.  (MORE)

Why do we have lions?

We have lions because (1) God created them and (2) we haven't quite killed all of them yet.
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