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What kind of car was the one in Christine?

A non-existant model of Fury. The Fury described in the book was never made in the body type mentioned. I don't remember the exact year, however I do know that it was from the (MORE)

Is Christine Devine black?

Actually, Christine Devine is Brazilian/American. Her birth mother, Karen Seufert, is from Hamburg, New York, and served in the Peace Corps as a nurse in Rio de Janeiro in t (MORE)

Who played Christine in phantom of the opera?

Mary Philbin was the first to play Christine in the Phantom of the Opera 1925. Susanna Foster was the first to play Christine in color the Phantom of the Opera 1943 Sarah (MORE)

How did the phantom meet Christine?

They met two different ways. Christine's father told her when he was in heaven, he'd send her an angel of music. When she went to the chapel in the Opera House and she was alo (MORE)

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Is Zak bagans with Christine dolce?

Not any longer. They dated on and off for about 4 years. He said on the Aaron's vlog for the Longfellow's Wayside Inn episode that he was single.
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Who is Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera?

Daughter of a famous violinist she was taken in as a ballet dancer after his death. She's the second main charactor, (below the Phantom) whom falls in love with her.   Chri (MORE)

Who is Christine De Pizan?

a famous female peot christine was known for her education intelligence beyond girls domestic arts she was given instuction in latin, philosiphy, literature, and th sciences k (MORE)

Did Christine Daae have children?

Yes, she has children with Raoul. :) actually in love never dies ( the sequel) she is said to have had a child with the phantom. They all think she had Gustave (her son) wit (MORE)