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What are pickles?

Pickles are cucumbers that have been pickled in vinegar, brine orany other solution. A pickle is a cucumber soaked in vinegar. Other vegetables can alsobe pickled, notably oni (MORE)

What is a pickle before it's a pickle?

A pickle is actually a cucumber before it is a pickle. It is salted and put in with vinegar and garlic and stored for at least 2-3 weeks vacuum sealed. Also a color is added i (MORE)

Why is there pickles?

Well they are yummy for the tummy, that's why =D More information: Pickling was developed as a way of preserving food before refrigeration was widely available. We continue (MORE)

Where did the Christmas pickle start?

it started in Germany   Additional information:   Often claimed to be of German origination, it actually started in the USA. It was a special ornament, shaped and co (MORE)

Why do children in Norway hide a pickle on Christmas?

There are a couple of stories. The most common is that an evil inn keeper stuffed a couple of boys in a pickle barrel. Santa found them and freed them with his magical staff. (MORE)

Who is pickles?

'Pickles' also known as A JAR of pickles is commonly a male who spends most of his time gorping at a girl he has no chance of getting with, WHATSOEVER, he has an obsession wit (MORE)