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How does a pickle rot?

pickles can rot by not eating them fast enough it takes them about 900 years though so you have a while.....dont worry :D

What are ingredients of pickle?

Basic Pickle Ingredients 1) Vinegar : Rice vinegar, Black Vinegar, Apple Cider VInegar, ascetic acid 2) Herbs : Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Dil 3) Spices : Mustard Seed, Turm (MORE)

How do you pickle olives?

No. 1 Recipe. Place olives carefully in container, cover the olives with a caustic soda solution (3 oz. of caustic soda to 1 gallon rainwater) for 40 to 48 hours (no longer), (MORE)

What ingredients are in pickles?

You didn't specify dill, sweet, bread & butter, etc., but I'll answer for dill pickles, the most popular type of pickle, and probably the one you meant. Besides cucumbers (t (MORE)

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What rhymes with pickle?

fickle nickel prickle sickle tickle trickle Popsicle icicle bicycle and Arlo Guthrie's favorite...motor-cycle 2 syllables: bickel, bickell, bickle, brickel, bric (MORE)

Is a dill pickle a sour pickle?

Yes, dill pickles are the pickles that taste like vinegar. Dill is an herb that is soaked with the pickle.
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Does pickles have a gender?

If you are referring to pickles the dog famous for finding the Jules Rimet trophy in 1966, he was a male.
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Are pickles fattening?

Not at all eat all you want:) Nutrition Facts / Serving Size 1 medium / / Amount Per Serving / Calories from Fat 1 Calories 12 / / % Daily Values* / Total Fat 0.12g | 0% / (MORE)

What is a pickle wrap?

There are several types of pickle wraps. Most have several ingredients in common such as cream cheese, spices, and of course pickles. You can use a tortilla shell spread cream (MORE)