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What does petrus mean?

  Answer   Pertaining to a hard dense portion of the temporal bone containing the auditory organs.   Answer   Pertaining to the hard dense portion of the te (MORE)

What does Christus factus est mean?

"Christus factus est" is Latin for, "Christ is born (or literally, created)." This answer is wrong, as many similar answers about the verb form ". . . us est" have been wron (MORE)
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What did Arius say about Serapis Christus?

that he was not real he was made from nothing of nothing and people are worshipping him, so emperor Constantine called council of nicea 325 ad and change his name to Jesus chr (MORE)

Who composed brummel petrus?

  First, it is called "Bummel Petrus" or "Bummel-Petrus"; there is no r in the first word.   Second, this tune was composed in the 1920's or 1930's by M. Werner-Kersten (MORE)