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What does moorings mean?

From my experience with boats, it is almost always definition #2 under "mooring", a permanent floating buoy that is sometimes free, but always costs less than slip space at a (MORE)

What is Moores Law?

Gordon Moore was one of the founders of the Intel corporation (a company that makes microchips). In 1965 he noticed that the number of transistors that could be placed on a co (MORE)

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Who is Michael Moore?

Michael Moore is a controversial film-maker, who has directed a number of documentaries. Critics claim his films are biased and nothing more than liberal propaganda. Supporter (MORE)

What does dominus nostrum Christi mean?

The words mean "lord", "our[s]" and "of Christ". They don't quite fit together to make a coherent Latin phrase: dominus is nominative (subject form), nostrum is accusative (ob (MORE)
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Who is Heather Christie?

Heather Christie is the now ex girlfriend of singer Anthony Kiedis. She is also a model and the mother of Kiedis' son Everly Bear.
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What is the role of a 'Moor' as in the McCarthy Moor?

This poem personifies the moon as a woman smiling over us. The speaker admires the qualities and the position of the moon. ◘ The speaker in this poem respects nature. ◘ T (MORE)

How did Christy Walton earn her money?

Christy Walton got her money from her deceased husband, Jon Walton,  who, evidently died in a plane crash.
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