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What is chromatin?

Chromatin is found inside the nucleus of animal and plant cells. Chromatin stains easily and thus from this fact it gets its name, Chromatin means 'Coloured material'. Chromat ( Full Answer )
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What does a chromatin do?

a chromatin is a material in the cell that contains DNA and carries genetic information
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What are Chromatin?

Chromatin are the complex of DNA and proteins that makes up a eukaryotic chromosome. When the cell is not dividing, chromatin exists in its dispersed form, as a mass of very l ( Full Answer )
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What is a chromatin?

in eukaryotic cells the DNA is very tightly packed to form strands of chromatin in the nucleus. in turn, the chromatin condenses (i.e. comes together) to form 'X' shaped chrom ( Full Answer )
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What does the chromatin do?

Chromatin is a complex of DNA and protein found inside the nuclei of cells. The major proteins involved in chromatin are histone proteins. DNA is packaged into chromatin there ( Full Answer )
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Functions of chromatin?

Chromatin material is visible as entangled mass of thread likestructures. Whenever the cell is about to divide,the chromatin getsorganised into chromosomes.
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What is Similar to Chromatin?

Chromosomes. Both are complexes of DNA and protein but chromosomes are more densely packed and chromatin is less densely packed. Chromosomes form in preparation for cell divis ( Full Answer )
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What you a chromatin?

I'm not a chromatin, but chromatin is the long strands of genetic material floating in the nucleus
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What is the spot of chromatin?

The spot of chromatin in a euglena is called the eye spot. It allows the organism to detect light so it can move towards it so it can photosynthesize more efficiently.
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What is a chromatin and what does it do?

chromatin are thin strands found inside the nucleus. it containsgenetic material (DNA), and this tells the nucleus how to controlthe cell and organelles.