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What is chromosome?

A chromosome is an 'X' shaped gene which contains DNA, found inside living cells. Chromosomes are easily seen using a microscope and are normally invisible most of the time (t (MORE)
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What is chromosomes?

The small bodies in the nucleus of a cell that carry the chemical"instructions" for reproduction of the cell. They consist ofstrands of DNA wrapped in a helix around a core of (MORE)
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What do chromosomes do?

They carry the tens of thousands of traits that are inside you to make you look like who you are. During sexual reproduction your Parents give you half of each of their Gen (MORE)
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What does a Chromosome do?

\n. A chromosome makes you who you are. \n\nIn a cell, the chromosomes are located in the nucleus, the 'brain' of the cell. they are like the DNA, but not specifically. ther (MORE)
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What is an chromosome?

Chromosomes are rod-shaped structures usually found in pairs in the nucleus of a cell. They contain information determining characteristics of an organism when it is reproduce (MORE)
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Where are the chromosomes?

Chromosomes are the rod-shaped, filamentous bodies present in the nucleus, which become visible during cell division. They are the carriers of the gene or unit of heredity. Ch (MORE)
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What do you get chromosomes from?

you have 2 sets of chromosomes and you get one set from your mother and one from you father. they're made of nucleic acids
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What does your chromosome do?

Chromosomes carry genes (genes are short lengths of chromosomes) there are 23 pairs of chromosomes and they each contain alleles (different copies of the same gene) in the sam (MORE)
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What is chromosome'?

In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA molecule is packaged intothread-like structures called chromosomes.
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What is a chromosome-?

Chromosome is having more than one X gene. Having more than one Xchromosome cause down syndrome.