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When was the HEMI engine made?

Hemispherical cylinder heads have been used since at least 1901. However, the Chrysler HEMI was released in 1954, with the legendary second generation 426 HEMI released ten ye (MORE)

What is the best hemi engine?

Performance wise it would be the 6.1L SRT8 Hemi produces by Chrysler motors. Performance/Economical would be the 5.7l Hemi R/T produced by Chrysler motors.
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How fast is a hemi engine?

well the 426 hemi has 425 horsepower stock and also the 6.1 hemi has 425 and the 5.7 hemi has about 380 horse power it can run the quarter mile around high 13.00 seconds in a (MORE)

How do you reset computer on Chrysler 300 hemi?

You reset a computer on a Chrysler 300 with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery for a few minutes.
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