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What is the chuppah?

A chuppah is a wedding canopy used at Jewish weddings. It is symbolic of the home to be built by the couple. Open on all sides, it can be a tallit or decorated cloth held alof ( Full Answer )
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How long does the chuppah ceremony last?

Theoretically it could be done in under five minutes. Normally it will take twenty or thirty minutes or so, unless there is some delay, such as waiting for someone to arrive.
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Can a divorced daughter of a Cohen marry a divorced man under the chuppah?

I am not a Jewish law decider but I will say what I think is true:. 1. The chuppah is irrelevant - if they can get married they can get married anywhere and if they cant get ( Full Answer )
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Why do Jews marry under a chuppah?

This custom is hundreds of years old. It's purpose is to symbolize the couple's new life together in their future home.
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How many designs and styles does the chuppah come in?

As many as there are couples who want their wedding to be different and special.. The basic requirements are that the chuppah be a canopy, supported at its four corners, larg ( Full Answer )
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What happens under the chuppah?

Just as in every area of life and tradition, modern people areupdating established ways of doing things, and even the Jewishwedding ceremony isn't immune. Whatever else happe ( Full Answer )
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What are the wedding traditions for chuppah?

A Chuppah is basically a canopy for a Jewish couple to be marriedunder. It usually would have a cloth, sheet, or a tallit strechedon four poles or sometimes just held up by pe ( Full Answer )