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Is a Christian church a protestant church?

Protestant Churches are Christian Churches. However, the Roman Catholic Church, established in the 300s AD, does not technically recognise the various Protestant denominations (MORE)

What is church?

Church is an organization of people who join to worship a god, they read the bible and sing prayers and they have to sometimes give an amount of money to help the chruch stay (MORE)

Why was the Church called the imperial Church?

The Church was the Imperial Church after Constantine legalized Christianity in the early fourth century, and later in that century, it became the only recognized religion in t (MORE)

What are churches?

Churches are places for public worship. It is a building which has been dedicated and consecrated for the purpose of offering up your sacraments to God. It is a place where yo (MORE)

What is a church?

A church refers either to a Christian house of worship in which  religious services take place, or, on a broader scale, a group of  Christians as a spiritual community.
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What church thinks it is the best church?

The Mormons, the Catholics....   Some denominations, such as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Church of Christ, or the Buddhist Church, have in their (MORE)

What is in a church?

A church contains... -an altar=another word for a communion table, it is where sacrifices are placed as offerings to God -an organ=an organ is a big piano to play hymns at -c (MORE)

Who are the church?

Believers make up the church. If you are a Christian, then WE are the church. There are many people who think that the church is only a building but the church is the body of (MORE)

Is the Catholic Church the church of Satan?

Of course not, the Catholic Church is the only Church that wasfounded by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. He founded it on theApostle Peter, and his successors in Matthew 16:17 (MORE)