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What are churches?

Churches are places for public worship. It is a building which has been dedicated and consecrated for the purpose of offering up your sacraments to God. It is a place where yo (MORE)

What is in a church?

A church contains... -an altar=another word for a communion table, it is where sacrifices are placed as offerings to God -an organ=an organ is a big piano to play hymns at - (MORE)

Who are the church?

Believers make up the church. If you are a Christian, then WE are the church. There are many people who think that the church is only a building but the church is the body of (MORE)

What can you do in church?

What you can do in a church largely depends on which church it is.Some churches have strict rules about what you can and cannot do intheir building or in their services. Of co (MORE)

Who is a church for?

A Church is for anyone who wants to come and learn about God.. In Church, they will Preach about the different things Jesus did.. Example: Jesus healing a blind man.

Why is the church a she?

Answer: . The "church" is the " mother " of God's Children... "pregnant" with them... feeding all the millions of embryos and fetuses God has begotten again, in all their va (MORE)

Why do you have churches?

we have churches to learn about Jesus Christ and the many miracles he has preformed for us. We also learn about the prophets, hymns, church songs, primary, Joseph Smith, and m (MORE)

What do you do in churches?

Churches are used for many purposes. Of course their primary purpose is for worship services. Worship services consist of music, prayers, readings from scripture, and sermons (MORE)

How are you the Church?

Most today think of a 'church' as a building usually with asloping roof and a steeple atop of it, usually with a 'cross' onit. The Webster dictionary defines the word 'church' (MORE)