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When did apostle peter build church?

Peter never did build the church or a church. Jesus is the one who built the church.   Answer   The Apostles founded the early Christian churches. The missionary (MORE)

How many churches did jesus build?

According to the New Testament, ONE.   Matthew 16:18 - ...on this rock I will build My church... [singular]   Ephesians 4:4-6 - There is one body [the church] and one Sp (MORE)

Is a church a commercial building?

Churches are not commercial buildings because they are places of  worship rather than business. Many churches own and run commercial  enterprises, however, and those buildin (MORE)

Where is the altar in a church building?

It is placed in the center because Christ himself is the altar the main emphasis in the church.       Most churches have an altar (or 'communion table' ) at the east (MORE)

Where did the Missionaries in Mbanta build their church?

The Missionaries built their church upon the part of the evil forest that the villagers had bequeathed to them.
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Why did the Catholic church build cathedrals?

Depending on the time period, there are many different reasons. If  you are thinking middle ages, it was because the Church was  steadily rising in power and wanted to show (MORE)

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Do a pastor have to have a church building to be a pastor?

Not at all. However in our modern day society it is the "norm", but if you look through history many pastors met with the local church and had services and prayer in the woods (MORE)