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What is a laundry chute?

Laundry Chute (By Machiavelli) . A laundry chute is a metal shaft down a multi-storey building which usually has an opening on each floor and ends in the basement. It is si ( Full Answer )
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What does a killer chute do to a horse?

\nThey put a bolt in their brains. The last killer buyers are being shut down in America soon, from what I understand, which is a double-edged sword. It's great that they are ( Full Answer )
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How do you unjam a laundry chute?

When a laundry chute becomes jammed, clearing it out is a fairlysimple procedure. One person can work on each end, taking theclothing out piece by piece. Eventually, the remai ( Full Answer )
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What is a river chute?

A chute is a feature of rivers. It is a new short channel that cuts across the neck of land separating the two ends of an river oxbow. Chutes form when rivers contain a lot of ( Full Answer )
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What are the dimensions of bucking chutes?

I have seen more than one size, but they are normally between 8.5 and 9' long, 33 to 36" wide and roughly 6' high, with a catwalk about 18" wide on the backside.
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What is the vegetable chute?

Do you possibly mean 'shoots'? If so, it isn't any particular vegetable, but the tender sprouts of any plant. Many oriental dishes include bamboo shoots.
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How do you unclog laundry chute?

If clothing is jammed in the chute, you could throw in some heavy object to push the clothing through; perhaps a bowling ball or a small barbell. Failing that, you will have t ( Full Answer )
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What is chute cloth?

I just purchased a summer pantsuit made of chute cloth. I had no idea what chute was until I discovered that I couldn't iron out the wrinkles. The tiny wrinkles are naturally ( Full Answer )
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How hard are the Frontside Chutes at vail?

Depends greatly on the conditions. Try to hit it early in the day after a night of fresh powder. If there hasn't been any snow in a few days or the sun has hit it throughout t ( Full Answer )
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What is the English word of chute?

Chute is used in English; an inclined shaft or tube used to send materials or liquids down (or sometimes up) a set path.